This is a placeholder site for content that was migrated from the old Live Spaces accounts.   All content has been migrated to so please visit there to follow content.

I recently came across the new Graffiti CMS system, and thought it might be time to move my blog off of WLS.  WLS was great, but I wanted something I could dig deeper into the code on.
So if you are following this site,  please head on over to
I’ll leave all of the previous posts here for searching sake, but I have replicated all of the content to the new site.  I updated the existing posts with links to the new location so it can still be found
Hope to you see you there.
The new RSS feed link is if you want to update your feed reader.

Looking for Information on using Zune with x64 Vista? 

Please visit the article at it’s new location on my new blog at: Zune Multi-Format Support on Vista64

ILM and CryptoAdmin: XMA to the Rescue! has moved to a new Blog location at