So we just got back from the fun that was the Relay for Life event. The basic idea of the event is that teams are formed to raise money in a light hearted competition to be donated to charity. Over the past few years Fred has taken a lead role in organizing his companies team, and has taken the first place position of raising the most money.

There are many creative booths selling great food (the "Walking Taco" seemed popular this year), selling items, face painting, rocking climbing, you name it. It seems that the event is out growing it’s small high school track where it is held, with even more people making a showing this year than previous years. The goal was to make
400k in money raised for cancer research, so we will know by the weekend if this was achieved.

For me this year, the most exciting event was..Helicopter Rides! Now if you know me, I’m deathly afraid of heights. I do not like roller coasters, or high dives, and even have a moment of hesitation on high up escalators. Yet, I love to fly commercially, and have often thought about flying in a helicopter, which really doesn’t make sense. So when Fred mentioned there were helicopter rides at the Relay this year, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Leading up till yesterday part of me wondered if it would
rain and the ride be canceled, and I was not entirely upset by that. As we saw the the helicopter fly in, I was filled with more excitement, but the tinge of worry was in the back of my head. Laura saw how fun the ride looked, so she decided to jump on board with me and Fred on the ride, which I think made us all happy we were going together. The ride lasted for all of 5 minutes, but it felt longer. I think I was surprised by the smoothness of the lift off compared to airplane flight, and how swiftly we were
able to make turns in the air. I’m really glad I took the time to check this out, and can cross it off of that virtual list of things I’ve always wanted to do.

All in all, I think the Relay was once again a great time. I hope they did meet their goal this year, and hope it goes even bigger in the years to come.