I like the new Windows Live Spaces, but the online post editor seems lacking for more than just simple posts. I have been looking for other clients used to make rich posts to the WLS service.

WLS uses the MetaWebLog API to allow clients to post to your space

Here is a list of clients I have tried with the new WLS

  • Word 2007 (beta 2) – Limited
    • The interface is familiar and very efficient to create a pleasing rich post
    • Posting to WLS seems to lose formatting, and any in line images are not preserved
  • w.bloggar Limited
    • Nice interface and simple to use
    • Posting to WLS does not yield the same formatting as seen in Preview mode in client
    • The website for this client was off line when I went searching for this. I could only find v4.00 to test with, so newer versions maybe available
  • EctoSupported
    • nice interface with a lot of useful features including spell check
    • Inserting images does not seem to work very well since it wants to upload the file by default. I have yet to get an image posted easily because it gives invalid method for "uploading" file even though I am not trying to upload. I will have to investigate more.
  • Windows Live Writer – Integrated
    • This is MS’s official Blogging software and will most likely offer the best integration into WLS
    • The plug in support looks promising
    • The spatial formatting for media integration is also very user friendly

I will try others and add them here as I try them.

I have some hope to see WLS support in the "Windows Mail Center" (Windows Live Mail Desktop) as this seems the perfect vehicle to be the all in one place for communications. There is "Blog It" functionality, but it utilizes the on line web form, not a client itself. Hopefully this will emerge once that product goes through more revisions.