While reading through the new Windows Live Writer SDK, I noticed many mentions about integration with Windows Live Clipboard.  There appears to be a class related to data stored in your live clipboard known as the LiveClipboardContentSourceAttribute.

Thinking this is going to be some sort of web based clipboard application, I thought I’d do some research to get more details of what it was, and when it would emerge.

You can read more of this possible product on Ray Ozzie’s Space

Essentially it appears to be a mechanism for transferring structure data (IE a Blog Entry, instead of just the Blog text) between normally disconnected apps.

So in reading I can see how this could be used in blogging.  I could CUT the picture from my flickr album online, and PASTE it into my Blog where it would maintain the structure of the picture on Flickr.

This would make simpler to share common data types between 2 seperate applications simpler.