It appears that the new Windows Live Writer, Blog publishing tool will soon break onto the scene.  I have been looking for a good tool that integrates well into WLS, and I am hoping this is it.

You can read about it’s feature set on the official Space

It is also availiable for download today here

This is my first post with the tool and so far I am impressed with the WLS integration compared to the other products I’ve used as of late.

  • So far the interface is rather nice. 
  • Plug-in Support seems very promising
  • Picture formatting seems to be corrected

Check back later for more.

So far I am impressed, but things I’d like to see added:

  • The ability to add Track Back URLs in the GUI for WLS- Today I have to publish, then go to the Spaces site to edit my post to add them.  This might be availiable for other platforms, but appears toi be disabled by default for WLS
  • Add the "Insert Picture from Web" to the existing insert Window options on the main editing page.  Today it is simply for the insert File from local, and you have to go to the insert Menu on top to insert from web.
  • Comment/Trackback management in the GUI –  This would nice to be able to review comments in the gui like you can on WLS.

I will be checking out the SDK to see what I can do to get YouTube and Flickr Plugin support developed if possible.