It is the first day that WLW has been released and plugins are starting to trickle in nicely.  I’m going to catalog them here till Live Gallery contains them.

Windows Live Writer Dev site

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    • Writer Code display – info – 08/15/2006
    • DeeDee’s CodeFormat – infodownload – 08/16/2006
    • Syntax Highlighter – infodownload – 08/17/2006
    • Steve Dunn’s Code Formatter – infodownload – 08/20/2006
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Windows Table PC Ink Support


There is also a list of plugins being developed on CodePlex.

Excellent article from Keyvan Nayyeri on writing plugins here.

Please visit the new WLW Plugins Site

Since the new site is up, I am not going to update this blog post anymore, but hopefully the exisitng links will lead you to the above site.  Thanks 🙂


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