This is a placeholder site for jeftek.com content that was migrated from the old Live Spaces accounts.   All content has been migrated to http://jeftek.com so please visit there to follow content.

I recently came across the new Graffiti CMS system, and thought it might be time to move my blog off of WLS.  WLS was great, but I wanted something I could dig deeper into the code on.
So if you are following this site,  please head on over to http://jeftek.com
I’ll leave all of the previous posts here for searching sake, but I have replicated all of the content to the new site.  I updated the existing posts with links to the new location so it can still be found
Hope to you see you there.
The new RSS feed link is http://feeds.feedburner.com/JefTek if you want to update your feed reader.